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During my College years on the B/Tec Art & Design journey, my chosen direction was 3Dimensional Design, and under the infectious enthusiastic tutelage of a chap named Phil, scrapyards and waste metal merchants were prime hunting grounds for materials abandoned by society at large, and what wonders there were too! Considering all the thought, design time and manufacturing disciplines that go into the designs of modern life society still throws away with impunity, but these wonders of materials and processes are not entirely lost given the basis of this ongoing collaboration - wondrous things live a new life here on these pages; incorporated into meticulously fashioned, collectible and completely unique designs that are a joy to behold.
  Long time friend and kindred spirit in this ongoing collaboration is Graham Bennet; recently retired from a solid reputation gained through a lifetime of Engineering Design for a family firm turned Blue Chip global leader in Engineering Expertise.

   Formidable reputation aside, it has to be said that our friendship was cemented over a fierce rivalry over several years on a squash court and nurtured by conversations over a pint or two..

  Some beautiful and entirely unique creations are in design as I speak here, and continually evolve conversation by conversation.

  The yellow shop button above takes you to what has been created thus far.. but get in touch below if you want to come along and have a look at any of our pieces firsthand..

Come and see..

Come and see what what we're working on ...

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