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'Break the Dark' by Edgar Broughton




27th October 2023

Somewhere back in the mists and mixtures of life and emotions known as 'The COVID19 Global Pandemic' a most unexpected connection was made on that great (fully functioning back then) social unifier known as Twitter .. quite whom made the first 'follow' I'm not quite sure .. but I'll say it was me because the name rang a bell! Five or Six years previous I had jumped into the oversized car of a writer I was collaborating with.. Bob Dylan was blasting from the stereo.. "Let's have something else on", he said unexpectedly.. "Edgar Broughton".. "ever heard of him?", it was a rhetorical question because he didn't have time for my answer! "I love this band; I've been doing some research in trying to find a gig he played locally many moons ago, to which I went to .. spaced out of my head on acid.. as you do, y' know!!" "I think it was called Hollywood or something.. up at Keele University I think!" I had no idea. I picked up the cd case just as the first sounds jumped out of the speakers. I very much liked what I was hearing, and the album artwork instantly struck a chord in it's mass produced death statement; carcasses hanging grimly in an abattoir chiller in a matter-of-factly frozen-red bleed filter, titled 'Edgar Broughton Band' .. all great so far! Thus, Edgar Broughton came into being..

Here's an introduction:

I'm not going to pretend that I know Edgar. I know a fellow artist who sees possibilities and is led by similar curiosities ...


I let people tell me what they think of Edgar, how his creative path has effected their investment into his work.. he's influential in a very significant way.

Our conversation began within the turbulent history of our times; the strictures of the pandemic, producing work from the loneliness of our respective studios...

I let our collaborative results speak for themselves ...

Hedgerow Battlefields

Hunters across the Sky

The Shaman and The Dog Soldier

The Secret Lake

Break the Dark Album Cover

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